Anti-social Behaviour

Here at Copperworks Housing Association we actively encourage all of our tenants to be good neighbours, however, we understand that living in a close proximity to others can cause difficulties. 

We would ask all of our tenants to be considerate and treat others how you wish to be treated. There are many vulnerable people living within our community and we would ask you to be mindful of this. Checking on a neighbour only takes a couple of minutes and can make all the difference. 

Noted below are some of the common issues we see arise in relation to anti-social behaviour. We have compiled together some advice on how to overcome these: 

Radios, TV & Stereos
  • Be aware of your volume levels late at night
  • When having a party or barbeque remember to let your neighbours know - people will be more willing to accept noise if they know when it will end.
In the Home
  • Stand washing machines/ dryers on a solid floor or on a carpet/ rubber mat to reduce vibrations. If people live below you fit underlay and carpets.
  • Be aware of your neighbours and how your noise levels may affect them.
  • Noisey operations should be carried out during the day
  • If you are carrying out works that will generate a lot of noise let your neighbours know beforehand
  • Try not to leave pets unattended for long periods of time.
  • Keep your pets under control and the local area neat and tidy.
  • When walking your pets please pick up and dispose of any fouling.
  • Please remember that you must apply for permission when considering bringing a pet into the home. This is outline in the Tenancy Agreement.
If you do experience any instances of anti-social behaviour you can report this to us by filling our our 'Report ASB Form' on the left hand side of this page. Alternatively you can visit our 'Contact Us' page to call us now.