Estate Management

A key objective for the Association is to ensure that Royston is a clean, safe, well maintained and attractive area that our tenants choose to live in and to ensure that the properties we own remain in high demand.

The Association is committed to working in partnership with other agencies who can assist us to manage our estate effectively, for example, Glasgow City Council Cleansing and Lighting Services, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

The Association is committed to working with our tenants to ensure that tenants’ rights as detailed in their Tenancy Agreement, are delivered by our staff.  We also wish to ensure that tenants are aware of their responsibilities as contained within their Tenancy Agreement.

If there is something you wish to report, please visit out 'Contact Us' page to get in touch. 

Estate Caretaking Service

The estate caretakers main role is to keep all areas of Copperworks Housing Association clean and tidy, while improving the environment that our tenants live in.

Our caretaker works on the front line and this allows tenants to have an informal line of approach for any problems that may arise on the estate. They work closely with other staff members and perform a vast number of tasks on the estate to maintain and improve the living environment for all our tenants.

Our Caretaker works alongside other organisations such as the local schools (St Roch’s Primary School, Royston Primary School), North Glasgow Community Food Initiative and others.

Close Cleaning Service

The Association currently provides a close cleaning service once a week.

Tenants and owners residing in these properties are reminded that it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of these areas.

Our staff monitor the cleanliness of closes on cleaning day and also when out and about visiting tenants in their homes.

Refuse Collection

It is the responsibility of tenants and residents to place their bin out for collection at the kerbside on the appropriate day and return it to the bin store thereafter.

Bulk items should only be put out to the front of the property on the designated collection day.

Further information on collections can be found on the Glasgow City Council Refuse Collection site.

Grass Cutting and Grounds Maintenance

We employ a contractor to maintain the communal areas of our estate.

Vandalism/ Graffiti

Please report any graffiti or vandalism to us at the office as soon as possible.