Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a government scheme to help people to meet the cost of their rent and is administered by Glasgow City Council. Entitlement to housing benefit depends on a number of factors including your income, rent charge, people living in your home and their circumstances.

If you wish to apply for housing benefit, you can contact us for advice and assistance.

Glasgow City Council's Housing Benefit Office will assess your claim and confirm how much benefit you will be eligible to receive.

Once you are in receipt of housing benefit, you will be asked to review your application regularly. If you do not return forms on time, or you do not provide the information asked for, your claim will be cancelled. If this happens, your rent charge will be due to be paid by you immediately.

Your local Housing Benefit Office is:

Situated within Royston Library 67 Royston Road, Glasgow, G21 2QW  Telephone number 0141 276 0890 alternatively you can contact Housing Benefit office at 45 John Street, Glasgow, G1 1LY  Telephone number 0141 287 5050

You can find the application forms for Housing Benefit and Discretionary Housing Payment on the Glasgow City Council website: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=17165