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Your personal information

Copperworks Housing Association retains e-mail addresses solely for the purpose of contacting you with regard to any services we can provide or have provided you with. Any information submitted via our contact form or report a repair form will be confidential and for the purposes of the association only. We do not rent, loan or sell any e-mail addresses to any third party companies or organisations for the benefit of financial gain. We reserve the right to pass your information on to our approved contractors who require to contact you to arrange repairs and maintenance checks.

Occasionally public comment and discussion may be invited, in which case members of the public commenting may choose to give their name or an alias, together with a comment. Anyone submitting content to this site agrees to relinquish control of the information, and agrees to it being published publicly. Please contact us if you wish to remove any personal information that you have submitted. We will seek to abide by such requests as quickly as possible. We may request that you supply an email address so that we can contact you regarding your comment.